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Photos and/or texts presented on this site are not free of copyright and they are protected by copyright laws.

- the conditions to use the photos contained in the on-line archive are exclusively those foreseen by this agreement, which first has to be accepted by the client.

- each photo or reportage and /or text is subject to protection under intellectual property legislation. the publication of the photos included in the on-line archive of mondadori photo could need to respect some restrictions and/or authorization from the lawful holders of the copyright, particularly in reference to pictures regarding famous or non-famous persons either in public or in private events, living or dead. these restrictions or the necessity to ask authorization from the lawful holders of the copyright, will be clearly indicated and declared in the photos electronically stored and have to be respected and followed strictly by client. mondadori photo denies any responsibility deriving from the lack of respect of the indicated restrictions or from the lack of request by the client of the necessary authorizations.

- mondadori photo expressly forbids the use of the photos from the on-line archive for non-editorial use. any other use has to be previously authorized in writing by mondadori photo.

1. all photographs from mondadori photo on-line archive are protected by copyright. copyright is held by the authors of the pictures and by mondadori photo who holds the exclusive right to grant the rights to publish these photos worldwide.

mondadori photo grants the non exclusive right to publish the photo, these rights belonging to the photographer, but not the rights of the persons, objects or trademarks eventually pictured in the photos. it will be responsibility of the client to receive the authorization of the persons, objects or trademarks represented in the above mentioned photographs

2. the photos as defined in point 1 can be delivered to the client in the following ways:

- through a direct connection between client and on-line archive made possible by the use of a password; - via e-mail; - through traparencies; - through a cd-rom;

photos can be sent in low and high resolution.

3. every single photo can be used only once for one publication only, in one language and by only one user whatever the medium. the client is not permitted to insert photos in any internal or external computer or network, or, once printed and published, to distribute or reuse a photograph without previous authorization by mondadori photo.

in any case the client commits himself expressly to destroy all images obtained in high as well as low resolution (or copies eventually produced during pre-production), within 90 days from the date in which the picture/s were purchased.

4. the client agrees to credit the author of the photo and mondadori photo agency. the client agrees in particular to reproduce on the side of every photo the complete credit, that is the photographer's name and mondadori photo. omission of credit will automatically authorize mondadori photo to bill a 100% additional fee to the agreed cost of any single picture.

5. invoicing - linvoices will be issued on the day of purchase of the rights of the photographs granted by mondadori photo. prices for the pictures vary according to use. payment is due on credit card or bank transfer.

6. the client agrees to send copies or tear sheets of the products or publications in which photos from mondadori photo on-line archive were used.

7. the client undertakes to use the picture/s in total respect of the context in which the photo/s were taken and according to captions. mondadori photo is not responsible for eventual moral or economic consequences that come from improper use of the pictures, in particular deriving from slandering or from uses which violate the privacy rights of the persons photographed and/or the objects or trademarks not authorized by the lawful copyright holders. the client will release mondadori photo from all moral or economic consequences deriving from the above specified improper use.

8. no photo in the mondadori photo on-line archive is model-released, except the ones clearly identified. it will be care and responsibility of the client to obtain release from the persons, for the objects and the trademarks photographed or from the subjects who own the rights in relation to the photographed objects or persons. if the client should need to use the picture for commercial use, different from publication, he will have to give mondadori photo written proof attesting to have obtained release by the persons, and for the objects or trademarks pictured in the photos.

9. the photos of mondadori photo cannot be altered, cropped or manipulated in any way. mondadori photo will recoupe from the client any moral or economic consequences deriving from any unauthorized intervention on the pictures.

10. the present agreement is ruled exclusively by the laws of italy. any controversy deriving from this agreement is submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the tribunale di milano (court of milano-italy).

privacy policy- l. 675/96

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Registration Arnoldo Mondadori editore s.p.a., responsible for treatment of personal data, assures maximum confidentiality in the treatment of personal information requested during the act of registration. all details will be used in accordance with current laws and with italian law 675/96. the information about the user is necessary to fulfill the request of grants of rights to publish the photographs and will be used by mondadori for marketing activities in relation to mondadori photo' initiatives. all data requested can be modified or cancelled in every moment by the person concerned according to art. 13 of italian law 675/96 sending an e-mail to mpress@mondadori.it.

The subscription of the general conditions for non exclusive grant of rights involves the authorization to use the personal data in the way illustrated in the information above.